Joke Writing & Comedy Writing Services

Professional comedy coaching, joke writing and ghostwriter services.

stand up comedy career coach

Stand Up Comedy Coaching

Creating and solidifying your persona is important to differentiate you from other comedians. I can help you build your unique comedy brand.

stand up comedy: add minutes to your act

Add Minutes to Your Act

Hey! Need more minutes? Of course you do! You tell great jokes! I write great jokes. This is gonna work out!

comedy roast, joke writing, roast writer concept

Comedy Roast Joke Writing

Doing a roast? I’ve got twelve famous ones under my belt. Send me the dais list!

script punch up comedy scripts

Script Punch Up

I can evaluate and add the funny to your script, treatment or whatever else you wanna call it!
funny keynote speech writing

Keynote Speech Writing

Special event? One-off? Relax, I’ve got this! I can help you to write a humorous speech for your personal or company event.

haha history book logo

Ha Ha History Joke Book

Some of my super funny friends from The Tonight Show and The Howard Stern Show got together with me to create a cool joke book with a historical twist.

Want Me to Help You Out?

Book me now to help you to achieve your comedy goals. It’s your career, and it’s worth the investment!

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