I’d call Neil a “joke machine,” but that doesn’t do him justice. His writing is not mechanical or hackneyed. He writes jokes with attitude, keen observation, and that touch of weirdness that the best comedy minds have.
Marvin Silbermintz

Head Writer, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Neil knows how to write jokes that get across to the audience. Awesome material.
“The Reverend” Bob Levy

Neil has written killer material for my standup act!
Robin Siegel Lakin

Saturday Night Fever, Wendy Williams Show, Headlining Comedian

Neil wrote great material for me when we did an NBA roast event!
Chris “Mad Dog” Russo

Sirius XM

In honor of our Peep, great writer Neil Berliner, who coined my favorite phrase in life, I give you: The Schmuck Chair. (Where the hapless man waits for his shopping woman.)

Elayne Boosler

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